Employment Practices Review

Are you confident that your employees are being correctly paid in line with the Award and National Employment Standards?

Do have written employment agreements?

Do you keep employment records as required under the Fair Work Act and Regulations?

Do you have effective policies and procedures in place in areas like Workplace Health and Safety, Social Media and Handling Employee Grievances and Disputes?

Theodorsen HR Specialists has developed the Employment Practices Review in order to provide you with a comprehensive review of existing employment practices, identify potential issues before they develop into potentially costly problems, and assist in resolving any issues identified.

The service is completely confidential and involves an in-depth review of existing practices, identification of any risk areas, and most importantly, practical solutions that you can implement to address any issues identified.

Areas covered in the review

The areas covered in the Employment Practices Review include:

  • Company structure and size
  • Whether the business is a National System or State System employer
  • The way in which independent contractors are engaged and remunerated (where applicable)
  • Industrial instruments
  • Compliance with Modern Awards and the National Employment Standards, including hours of work, pay and allowances, notice of termination and redundancy
  • Leave entitlements
  • Pay and conditions, including record keeping requirements
  • Employment contracts
  • Verification of work rights
  • Policies and procedures.

Practical help to resolve any issues identified

If we identify any gaps in existing systems, as part of our report we will provide solutions that you can implement to resolve any issues. This will include, where applicable:

  • A standard letter of employment/employment agreement
  • Explaining how to identify the Modern Award that covers your employees and how to ensure you always have the current version available
  • A termination process checklist and standard termination letter to assist you in ensuring that any dismissal process is fair
  • Standard policy documents that you can adapt to your business, covering the following areas:
    • Workplace Health and Safety
    • Injury Management System
    • Code of Conduct
    • Email, internet and social media use
    • Prevention of workplace bullying and harassment
    • Management of employee grievances.

What do we provide?

The Employment Practices review involves the following:

  • We will spend 3-4 hours at your premises with you and/or your Management/HR team reviewing existing documents and practices
  • We will provide you with a confidential written report describing the areas we reviewed, any issues identified, and suggested actions to resolve any issues
  • We will meet with you and/or your Management/HR team to present the findings of the review, discuss any issues identified and answer any questions you have
  • Where we have identified a need for it, we will also provide you with standard documents such as policies, checklists and template letters.

What does it cost?

The total cost of the Employment Practices Review for a business with up to 50 employees, operating from one location in the Perth Metropolitan area, is $1,505 plus 10% GST.

Additional costs may apply for larger businesses, businesses with more locations and/or remote and regional locations. We would be happy to discuss your requirements and provide a quote on a no-obligation basis.

Limitations of the service

Our review will necessarily be based on a sample of employment records available on the day of the assessment. It should not be relied on as an exhaustive list of every possible employment risk that may exist or potential improvements that could be made. While the Employment Practices Review will be carried out by an experienced and qualified HR practitioner, Theodorsen HR Specialists are not lawyers and the review findings cannot be taken as legal advice.

Want to know more?

To find out more about the Employment Practices Review please call John Theodorsen on 0450 602 242 or send a message via our Contact page.