CVs and Résumés: Get Them Right to Get the Job

This article has been contributed by Colin CuthbertColin is the Director of Ayers Management, an Australian company which specialises in the provision of payroll and contractor management services. He has held this role since 2012, having previously worked as Head of Sales and Business Development with Lester Associates, and also as Director and part-owner of Contours Dulwich Hill.

The first step towards securing full-time employment is to have a flawless résumé, as without it, your chances of even being considered for an interview are meagre if not non-existent. It is incredible, then, just how often recruiters see applications that are littered with basic errors such as incorrect spelling and an unprofessional layout.

The infographic below, which was produced by payroll and contractor management company Ayers (, highlights the most common résumé mistakes and advises on how to make your résumé good enough for a recruiter to find it impossible to reject you. If you take the time to get Step 1 right, you will invariably be streets ahead of the majority of other applicants who don’t.