How a clean office can boost productivity

A clean working environment gives the impression of a workplace that is professional and quality-centric in everything they do, and it’s no coincidence that a business with a well-maintained workspace is also one with high productivity levels.

This infographic from Cleaning Services Group ( explores the correlation between a clean workspace and a productive company. In a well-maintained environment, people’s minds are more focused on their work, as they are not being distracted by volumes of clutter. Also, a lot of time gets wasted on searching for critical documents in a messy, cluttered office, whereas a well-kept filing system allows for these to be accessed almost instantly.

In a more extreme scenario, a poorly-maintained working environment can lead to rising levels of absenteeism if conditions have become so filthy that staff are becoming ill simply from being there. The detrimental effects of absenteeism on businesses have been well-publicised and managers do not need employees to be missing unnecessarily from failing to maintain a clean workspace.

Check out the full infographic below for further reading on why it’s in the best interests of a company and everyone in it to keep their working environment consistently clean.