Natural Talent vs Hard Work: Which Wins?

In today’s professional landscape, hiring managers often find themselves faced with the decision of choosing between two kinds of candidates: those with natural talent versus those who work hard. In 60% of cases, the employer will select the “natural” reasoning that their talent will result in a better standard of work produced in half the time.

Recent psychological studies have exposed our unconscious bias towards “naturals” which can mean that we often are more likely to consider the performance of naturals as superior to the very same performance of strivers. As a result, the achievements of hard workers are overlooked and under-praised which can have a demoralizing effect on the employee/ candidate. 

Davitt Corporate Partners have produced a very interesting infographic which investigates the connection between hard work and natural talent.  It lays out the respective benefits of both natural talent and hard work and offers insights on how to nurture the best of both in your employees so that they find success in all they do.