Absenteeism in Australian Workplaces

This article has been contributed by Colin Cuthbert. Colin is the Director of Ayers Management, an Australian company which specialises in the provision of payroll and contractor management services. He has held this role since 2012, having previously worked as Head of Sales and Business Development with Lester Associates, and also as Director and part-owner of Contours Dulwich Hill.

It is natural that, over the course of our working lives, we will have to take unexpected leave due to illness or a death in the family. However, the privileges of absenteeism can sometimes be taken as a divine right, which for businesses leads to substantial losses in productivity and, as a consequence, in profitability.

This infographic by Ayers  analyses the scale of absenteeism among the Australian workforce, detailing the cost to businesses, which industries are worst affected, what reasons are given for absenteeism, and a three-point plan as to how it can be reduced. It also mentions some startling facts about the issue. For example, did you know that 5 per cent of the Australian workforce calls in sick on any given day? Or that, every year, there are 92 million working days lost to absenteeism in the country?

In addition, it explores the concept of ‘entitlement culture’, with a large number of managers in Australia taking a lenient approach to managing sick leave. This is primarily due to the mindset among employees that sick leave is perceived as an entitlement to take, rather than a fallback option to have for when unfortunate, genuine situations arise where time off would need to be taken.

To find out more, check out the infographic below.