WorkSafe warning on dodgy High Risk Work Licences


WorkSafe WA has issued a new warning about forged High Risk Work Licences. These licences are required by anyone working in nominated 'high risk' areas, including scaffolding, dogging and rigging work and the operation of cranes, hoists, pressure equipment and forklifts.

The consequences of hiring a person who doesn't have a valid licence could be disastrous for a business. Imagine hiring an unqualified person to operate dangerous machinery on the basis of a forged licence, who then goes on to have an accident that injures or kills another worker or member of the public.

The latest scam involves the employee or contractor emailing the employer what purports to be a scanned copy of their licence. However, the scan has been digitally altered to include additional classes of high risk work for which the person is not qualified.

Fortunately, there are some good options that can help you avoid being fooled by a forged licence.

WorkSafe advises employers to always sight the original High Risk Work Licence (this is a plastic card that includes a photograph of the licence holder).

It is also highly recommended that employers make use of WorkSafe's online licence search facility, where the details of the licence provided by the person can be entered onto a webiste and verified immediately. This process is simple and quick, and provides a very good way to avoid being scammed.