Our Services

Theodorsen Industrial Relations provides industrial and employee relations advice and representation. Our work involves:

  • providing advice, support and representation to our clients when dealing with employment and industrial relations issues

  • assisting in the development of policies and procedures that correctly and clearly outline the rights and obligations of employers and employees.

We are registered Industrial Agents under section 112A of the Industrial Relations Act 1979 (WA) (‘IR Act’), and provide advice and other services to employers and employees in relation to industrial matters.

We operate in accordance with the Code of Conduct set out in Industrial Relations (Industrial Agents) Regulations 1997 (WA), which sets out the professional and ethical obligations of an industrial agent. You can view the Code of Conduct here.


As registered industrial agents, we provide advice in relation to ‘industrial matters’ as defined in IR Act s 7, which is ‘any matter affecting or relating or pertaining to the work, privileges, rights, or duties of employers or employees in any industry or of any employer or employee therein’ and includes such matters as:

  • wages, salaries, allowances, or other remuneration of employees

  • terms and conditions of employment

  • industrial disputes.


As Industrial Agents we are authorised to represent our clients in the WA Industrial Relations Commission, Industrial Magistrates Courts and Industrial Appeal Court. We may also appear by permission in the Fair Work Commission (under section 596 of the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth), paid agents and lawyers may only represent clients with the permission of the Fair Work Commission).

Limit of our services

Theodorsen Industrial Relations is not a law firm. As registered Industrial Agents we are permitted to provide some advice and services that otherwise might only be provided by an Australian legal practitioner, in line with section 12 of the Legal Profession Act 2008 (WA). However, it is important to note that we do not provide general legal advice, and only advise in relation to industrial matters.